George Harrison – all things must pass

all things must pass

A blog to celebrate the beauty of vinylrecords (and especially their great artwork). Which one to start with then? I have chosen George Harrison’s masterpiece All Things Must Pass. It is not my finest record as it comes to artwork, but it still is a special album (3 LP’s in a cardboard box accompanied by a life-size poster of mister `Gandalf’ himself). The black&white coverphoto seems to appoint Harrison’s creative independency towards The Beatles, because of the four garden-gnomes surrounding Harrison.

Apart from the artwork ATMP is a realy important album in pop-history. It’s the briljant album the most under-valued of the Beatles came to surprise the world with, shortly after the group fell apart. My Sweet Lord is the most known song on the album, and it has become iconic. Through the years the album as a whole has proven to be of great influence, it has been a major inspiration to many indie-/psych folkies and the whole dreampop-scene pays tribute to Harrison. In short: an important album, a must have for every vinyl-collector and still a very fine album to listen to. A good one to start this series with.


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