Miles Davis – tutu

miles tutu

This 1986 album of Miles Davis is not one of his most known, though it’s still quite memorable, and it has a great coverphoto. Miles, after having experimented with several genres (like funk in the 70’s) in the 80’s starts working with pop and newwave acts (like Scritti Polliti). On this album he is using synths, samples and drumcomputers to create a cross-over, coming close to the later lounge sound. Some songs sound a little outdated nowadays, but there are some memorable tunes like the titletrack. And Miles is still outstanding as a trumpeteer.

The album was named after South-African Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the monochrome coverphotograph is by Irving Penn and the design by Eiko Ishioka. The cover alone is reason enought to buy this album, don’t you think?

miles tutu back


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