King Creosote & Jon Hopkins – Diamond Mine

diamond mine

guest contribution by Ron Valeri, guitarist of Nancy Brick
translated in English by Peter

This is the First time i am writing an article. To write an article you need to know a lot, have an opinion on matters and be able to express that opinion in a proper way. At least that’s what I think, and the case is: I am lazy and easy-going and because of that I try to convince myself that music (and art in general) has to be consumed primarily in an unprejudiced way, without any foreknowledge. Only then you can start digging deeper.

So, i cannot tell you anything useful about the backgrounds of the gorgeous album Diamond Mine of King Creosote & Jon Hopkins. And I am too lazy to even have tried google. If I would have I could have told you that Kenny Anderson describes the album as `the soundtrack to a romanticized version of a life lived in a Scottisch coastal village’. But I didn’t.

Actually I bought this album because of the cover that stirred a sense of sadness in me, a mild melancholic mood that causes a certain calmness of heart. I did not know both of these gentlemen before and I did not bother about listening first too. But Diamond Mine turned out to be a gift from heaven. What a beautiful and stilled (master)piece of work this is! Right from the start (the welcome greeting and the reply: `are you alright?’, probably by the Scottish woman that owns the café), I remained silent..till the end.

You see, writing an article is not for me. I’m looking for words and force myself to form an opinion. I do not like that and I’m tired of it already. Too lazy I guess. The only thing I want to do now is take Diamond Mine out of its beautiful cover and start enjoying the shine of the black vinyl…

I look at it and feel myself become quiet…

Two people greet each other: `are you alright?…’


5 thoughts on “King Creosote & Jon Hopkins – Diamond Mine

  1. saw them play this album straight through. First concert I’ve ever been to where I was surrounded by grown men crying. It was utterly beautiful. Great story also.

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