Kraftwerk – autobahn

autobahn front

Emil Schult is a German painter, poet and musician. In 1973 he did shortly play the guitar with Kraftwerk, but he did not find himself quite good enough and also the group started to devolop itself more and more to a synth-driven sound.

Still Schult did – during the following years – create most of the artwork for Kraftwerk’s albums. This album of 1974 is probably the best know, at least the more than 20 minutes long titletrack is. The sound of this album is still not completely electronic. It is the band moving away from its original krautrock sound towards their later, more synthesizer based, sound. Surely the b-sides (kometenmelodie 1 & 2, mitternacht & morgenspaziergang) are very close to what their first two albums sounded like.
That’s what makes this album interesting and it explains why it still sounds warm and organic compared to later albums. And it has the most beautiful cover, if you ask me.

autobahn back


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