Jacco Gardner – cabinet of curiosities

jacco gardner front

Dutch youngster Jacco Gardner has done it: he made the 60’s revive in a way few would have been able to. He only used original vintage gear to catch the characteristic sound of those past days. And not only did he do that, he also wrote 12 strong and catchy songs and created a trend amongst his peers worldwide: many young artist that make baroque indiepop quote Jacco as a major inspiration. He’s like the Dutch son of Syd Barrett.

Apart from all that Jacco really appreciates the added value of vinyl cover art. The fairytale like picture on the cover of his debut record Cabinet Of Curiosities is a picture puzzle: in the enchanted forest there is a plurality of hidden animals, like the giraffe (obvious), a chimpanzee, a rabbit, an owl, a koala, a leopard, a snake, a tropical bird and many more. Have fun searching; here’s a high quality pic of the cover to help you out. If you can find them: here are some hints to get you on your way, the rest you will have to find yourself…


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