Can – tago mago

tago mago front

Can was one of those great German `krautrock’ bands of the early 70’s, when young German artists and musicians felt the need to distance themselves from the commercial and tainted German popculture and by doing so came up with highly inspiring and creative new music that inspired many musicians in and outside Germany. Even David Bowie has been touched by their sound, as you can hear on his Berlin-albums Low and Heroes. Tago Mago is the third album of Can, still with singer Damo Susuki with his distinctive voice. The album is a little bit extreme (experimental), but today it counts as a major milestone in krautrock; it’s groovy, psychedelic, spontaneous and haunting. It has been of major influence on musical styles to evolve, like post-rock, ambient, avant-garde popmusic and even worldmusic. The record comes in a shiny foldout cover with beautiful artwork of U. Eichberger.

For more information on krautrock, read this excellent article (in Dutch).

tago mago back


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