Francis Bebey – psychedelic sansa

bebey front
Apart from jazz, soul and funk i am an avid collector of African music too. From the afrojazz of Mulatu Astatke or Ebo Taylor and the vivid afrofunk of Orlando Julius or Fela Kuti to the Malinese desertblues of Tinariwen and traditional African music too. These records are often collectable for their great covers too. This records is a reissue by the great Amsterdam based world-music label Kindred Spirits and in concerns almost trance inducing music by Francis Bebey; on this record the African thumbpiano called Sansa plays a major role.

The album is not an original Bebey album, but a compilation of his music between 1982 and 1984. It is pressed on two excellent heavyweight records and comes with great artwork – a sort of psychedelic jungle art by Elzo Durt – that fits the music well.

bebey back

bebey inside


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