Las Vegas Grind

vegas frontAnother brilliant series is the Las Vegas Grind Series. The label that is responsible for these addictive outings is Strip, founded by the legendary record collector Tim Warren, who collected a unique collection of 45’s through the years, by travelling all across America. Warren decided to compile the best of his obscure garage, psychobilly etc. singles on the Las Vegas Grind series. He did the same with his exotica collection on the Jungle Exotica series.

Las Vegas Grind is a bizarre cocktail of edgy raw garage and psychobilly like tunes and almost loungy more mellow songs as well. It relates to several genres and still isn’t either one of them. Brilliant compilations and a must have for every serious recordcollector or dj.

Oh, and need I say anything about the cover art? They are equally ugly as they are adorable…

vegas back


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