Bright Eyes – cassadaga

cassadaga front

Cassadaga is the seventh studio album of Bright Eyes aka Conor Oberst. While Oberst output is sometimes brilliant, sometimes vague and messy, Cassadaga is a great indie/folk/country/70’s rock epos. The guestlist of musicians contributing to this masterpieve is almost endless..

It’s a grower, this album; it needs time to be fully appreciated. At first sight it sounds a little vague, it doesn’t immediately suck you in, but after a while, if you give it some time, you gonna love it more and more and come to see all kinds of beautiful images.

Just like the cover: af first sight it is only a vague grey area, but with the special `spectral decoder’ that come with the album you suddenly come to see all kinds of images. You have to slide it over the cover and when you hold still you can see the hidden drawings and secret messages (that each have references to some of the song’s lyrics). The album even won a Grammy for `best recording package’ in 2008. It’s simply fantastic!

cassadaga detail front  cassadaga detail back


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