Klaus Schulze – timewind


In the krautrock and early electronic music in Germany, Klaus Schulze was an important figure. He was part of Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Tempel before launching a solo career. Timewind is his fifth album, and the first one on which he uses a sequencer. It does remind me of early Tangerine Dream (especially Phaedra). In my younger days i was introduced to the genre by my father, who played a lot of Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk records, and also some of Schulze’s solowork. Through the years i collected quit a lot of his records and i like this one particularly because of the constant flow of sound that works very comforting. The intention of Schulze was to invoke a sort of timeless state in the listeners mind, and he has succeeded in that.

Schulze recorded these two tracks live in the studio, he used an analog sequencer and did live manipulations. On the backcover you see the scheme he used for himself as a guideline for what he was achieving, but it is mostly improvised. And that is what i like so much about these early electronic music pioneers: opposite to nowadays artist, where most of the time almost everything is programmed and can easily be reproduced in the exact same way over and over again, these guys were pioneers and Schulze could never have done this session again the same way.

The music has many references to the works of Wagner; Wahnfried is the name of his home and Bayreuth the town he lived. The Dali-esque coverart was made by Urs Amman, who also designed the covers of other Schulze albums like Blackdance, Picture Music, Cyborg and Irrlicht.

timewind back


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