Lulu – lulu’s greatest hits


A record cover like this should not miss in my greatest album covers collection. Not because it is one of the most beautiful but because it is ugly as hell. If you come across this one in a thriftshop or at a fleamarket you wouldn’t give it much notice. According to this cover it couldn’t be much, would it?

But, maybe it’s that i have a weakness for campy stuff, but it’s not a bad record anyway. This singer Lulu, who did enter the Eurovision song contest in 1969 with `Boom Bang a Bang’ and ended first with three other entries (among which the Dutch singer Lenny Kuhr as well). The song remained immensly popular in the UK for quite some time, and with Lulu’s career it went straight upwards after that. She even sang a James Bond openingtune for `The man with the golden gun’ in 1974.

Maybe the music is a little bit campy (but who cares), actually a lot of these songs are very good. If you can get such an album for a few penny’s, why not? And you need to have some ugly album covers in your collection too, isn’t is?


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