Arcade Fire – reflektor

arcade fire uitgeklapt

The marketing campagne to launch this fourth Arcade Fire studioalbum was briliant: everywhere these voodoo-like symbols did arise in the weeks before the release. When it finally appeared the album got mixes reviews. Some praised the ever surprising, ever artistic, ever unique aproach of Will Butler and co, some didn’t like the disco-like influences, said the album lacked consistency and that is was not Arcade Fire like. The last is only up to the band itself to decide, but i can understand the difficulty for some people to adapt. But Arcade Fire always suprises, that’s for sure, and will continue to do so forever, whether you like it or not.

arcade fire binnenhoezen

It was one of my favourite albums of 2013 and i decided to buy it on vinyl. The vinyl edition comes in a beautiful package with shiny gatefold cover with reflecting parts, glossy inlays and two heavy-weight vinyl records. The artwork and some photograpy is done by Caroline Robert, and there are also some pictures of Korey Richey.

I sometimes do complain about the current overpricing in new vinyl-releases, especially when they come in poorly designed or (even worse) poorly pressed copies. But this is an example of how you want the industry to take their job seriously. Still it’s not cheap but at least you get some value for your money in return.


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