Dieuf-Dieul – aw sa yone vol. 1

Dieuf-Dieul aw say one vol. 1

Teranga Beat is a record-label, founded by the Greek dj and recordcollector Adamantios Kafetzis, dedicated to the re-issuing of West-African (mainly Senegalese) lost albums from the 70’s. Dieuf-Dieul is one of the finest bands from the region and area, but was never officially released. In 2013 this first volume was released and in 2015 a second volume found it’s way to a small group of afro-fetishists worldwide.

Dieuf-Dieul aw say one vol. 1

The music of Dieuf-Dieul is a unique blend of traditional afrosounds, funk, jazz, psychedelica and latin flavors. I bought my copy of volume 1 (special edition), including a large foldout poster, many original photo’s and extensive background information; Teranga Beat really done their best to make something special of it. This album belongs to the finest pieces in my afro-collection.


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