This blog is a way of celebrating the fine artwork of vinylrecords. In a time when popmusic in many ways has become a disposable and fugacious product, due to digital fileformats and internetservices, we see a revival of `the real thing’; more and more music lovers are returning to the good old vinyl, not only for the superior sound-quality (which is of course debatable; at least for me it is clear that the sound of vinyl is more dynamic and has more warmth in it, but you still need a very good soundsystem to be able to fully enjoy that) but also for the often great artwork.

In the first place the format of an LP makes the artwork really look like art-work, unlike the small leaflets cd-jewelcases are decorated with. Moreover, in those times (60’s, 70’s, 80’s) they really knew how to make something beautiful out of it, something gorgeous, something you couldn’t resist, something you truly wanted to own. That is why i decided to start this blog, as a way of celebrating the most beautiful artwork of some of those cherished records of old (and maybe some brand new records every now and then).

The records i show on this blog are all in my personal collection. Besides that: if you yourself would want to share some of your dearest vinyl-artwork with the world, you can send me a nice photo of your album along with a short description, and if it pleases me i am willing to place it as a guest-contribution. Of course it is for me to decide weather or not to publish. You can send me email.


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